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AirSide Solutions is pleased to partner with ADB SAFEGATE Americas, LLC to provide airfield electrical maintenance training designed to meet your airport needs.  Our training agenda includes a combination of classroom and hands-on training suitable for airport maintenance technicians, engineers and certified electricians.  For more information, please contact our sales department.

Primary Objectives:

  • Identify airfield lighting product specifications used by various organizations (FAA, Military, NAVAIR)

  • Review L-828 Constant Current Regulator & series circuit theory of operation

  • Recognize series circuit preventative maintenance & troubleshooting procedures

  • Identify and review standard safety procedures/operations

  • Review theory of operations on various airfield lighting products including L-830 isolation transformers, L-849 REILs, L-880/L-881 PAPIs, L-854 radio controller, L-858 signage, In-pavement lighting, elevated lighting

  • Optional L-823 certified training